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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes. If you cancel repeatedly or with little notice, there will be a $75 rebooking fee added onto your next session. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis at my own discretion. If you no-call and no-show, you will be expected to cover the entire session cost before I will consider rebooking you.

What Are Your Hours?

Anyday I'm available, my usual hours are 10AM-11PM. Anything earlier or later is possible but may require something extra on your part.

Do You Accommodate Clothing/ Outfit Requests?

I will gladly dress in clothing/ costumes/ cosplay that you provide and will do what I can with my wardrobe. However, I will not supply clothing for you to wear.

Can I Come To You For Incalls?

At this time I am currently only offering incalls in Toronto

Do You See Couples?

Absolutely! Just add an extra $100/ Hour to my rate. (Note: I do require that everyone involved be aware and consenting prior to the session starting. I will not be a "surprise" for someone)

Are You 420/ Alcohol/ Drug Friendly?

I am 100% okay with alcohol and weed (however I do ask that you know and respect your limit and don't overindulge). I ask that no other drugs be involved.

Can I Buy You a Gift?

Yes! You can find gift information here!

What Are Your Hygiene Policies?

I ask that you be freshly showered for the start of the session.

Do You See [ Insert Identity]?

Yes! I'll see clients of any gender, race, sexuality, age (as long as over 18), experience level, and ability!

Can I Call You?

No. I do not respond to phone calls unless a tribute is sent or we have discussed it previously.

Tributes can be sent to

*Everything used during the session gets sanitized. Insertable objects are always used with a condom and then cleaned afterward with antibacterial spray and soap. You are always welcome to use your own toys during our sessions
"Getting to have a session with Kat was amazing. She's new to the scene but she was open minded and a great combination of soft (as we discussed what the session would contain) and hard. I look forward to seeing her again in the future"
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